Office Desk Plants

Your office is a place where you spend almost 70% of your time. As plants are said to be the most effective stress buster, adding these to your workstation can do wonders. Add 5 low maintenance indoor plants to make your office desk look beautiful and give you the touch of “Green therapy”.

Peace lily: Like the name, peace lily has beautiful blend of White and Green petals signifying peace. Peace lilies do not belong to the family of lilies but are known for their easy care. This is a perfect indoor plant and loves shade, and is also good at its air purifying capabilities. Water this indoor plant once a week and you are sorted. The white petals will add the beauty of your office desk.

Peace Lily

Syngonium: Commonly used as houseplant, these dwarf and leafy plants look like a fantastic accessory on your office desk. The simple looking Syngonium are easy to take care, needs less watering and pruning to maintain them. The arrow leaf adds to the beauty of this plant. Syngonium do not need direct sunlight but a little light can help them flourish well. Syngoniums are easy to buy online and are also very cheap when it comes to money.

Syngonium Plant

Cactus: Well, one can actually not imagine a Cactus as a beautiful addition to the indoor plants. But the dwarf miniature cactus plants are cute looking. Their different variety of colours and shapes add to the huge range. Cactus though defines dry and heat characteristics but can be easily grown indoors. As these do not have leaves you will find your office desk to be always clutter free, hence no pruning required. Arrange the small cacti in dwarf pots as one family and place it on one side of your workstation to make them look fancier.

Cactus Plants

Bonsai: If you wish to turn the heads around at your desk, add the luxury of exotic bonsai on your Office desk. This Japanese beauty is now easily available online and can be a little expensive accessory but worth it. You will fall in love with Bonsai even more, when you start taking care of it. Buy some bonsai tools online, and prune the plant every now and then to keep it miniaturized. Needs watering once a day and can be easily grown indoors with little light.

Bonsai Plant

Alocasia Amazonica : Alocasia Amazonica is an unusual Houseplant, and belongs to African species. The dark green precise arrow shaped leaves are beauty to the sight. The soil needs to be humid and warmed throughout the year. The plant needs bright light no direct sunlight and thus is easy to maintain.

Alocasia Amazonica

Now simply make your workstation a place you would wish to spend more quality time every day. Adding this simple and easy to care indoor plants surely will give your workstation a natural therapy. These plants are easily available online, you can simply write into us, and we will deliver it to you.