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Winter’s A Flower Begining to Bloom

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Winter: A bone-chilling thought crosses the mind when this word comes up. An image of people covered up in warm clothes, sitting near their fireplace and sipping hot coffee pops up when the word winter is spoken. Winter not only affects humans but also the creatures around them. Some go into hibernation & some become dormant. It is one of those times of the year when the trees loose their sheen and the sound of falling leaves fills the atmosphere. The trees & plants lay stark naked without a cover of their leaves but during such harsh times also the trees & plants keeping breathing to blossom again in spring.


Winter plays an important part to preserve the plant & prepare it to grow in spring. One of the processes that occur in winter is vernalization. It is a period of dormancy for a plant in which prolonged exposure to cold temperatures promotes flowering. These are termed as chill hours for the plant. It is a biological function which ensures the plant does not break dormancy & start to grow until winter is over. Once the spring approaches the plant starts getting back to life. The temperature increases & the frost in the soil turns to moisture. It receives more sunshine for a longer duration. All the conditions turn from harsh to favorable for the plant to grow & blossom again.


The winter bulbs come in to make the environment all green & beautiful. When the other plants are lying dormant winter flower bulbs add to the glory of a home & make it more appealing to the human eye. From commercial spaces to homes, winter flower bulbs adorn the desks & the lobbies at a time when other plants are in a deep state of hibernation.

New Way to Beautify Your Indoor & Outdoor With Online Garden Shop

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Since few years the trend of shopping has taken an upward curve with many online portals catering to the needs of customers who shop online at their own convenience.

What started with something as simple as getting a book delivered has moved onto getting goods of all sorts delivered all across India. The growth of online shopping has been characterized by strong consumer demands and the increasing number and type of goods available. Customers usually shop online seeking for good discounts which are not available elsewhere.


There is always an online portal that will help a customer fulfill their needs instead of going out and shopping.

The latest trend in online shopping has been shopping for plants. You can always search for ‘online garden shop India’ to find the best places to buy flowering plants as well as flower seeds according to your requirement.


Gardenesia is one such online portal where there is a very wide variety of plants ranging from winter bulbs to summer bulbs, exotic plants as well as seeds for flowers, vegetables, and herbs.

Gardenesia is just not limited to plants and flower seeds but is a one stop portal for all gardening equipment ranging from planters, hand-held tools as well as mechanized tools. Utmost care is taken into making effective deliveries ensuring the freshness of the plants, thereby making Gardenesia a great place to shop.


Such online portals make shopping for customers very easy as they can browse a large variety of products and choose the best options depending upon their requirements and helping people make their gardens even more beautiful.

Plants That Favour Pest Control

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Do you have pests hiding in your plants and you are hypersensitive to pesticides? Do you maintain a strategic distance from them no matter what? Are you fed up of this? Don’t worry! Here’s a solution. Go for natural pest controllers – Insect repelling plants.

There are numerous plants that stop creepy crawlies like scorpions, mosquitoes, and aphids. On account of developing nourishment in a private garden, there are various flowers that you can plant for natural pest control.


  1. Borage: Generally developed and utilized for culinary purposes as a part of Britain, borage is great herb. These star-shaped flowers is utilized as a part of natural teas, and verdant green recipes. Borage prevents horn worms, cabbage worms and can help all plants increment their immunity.
  2. Lavender : Known for its delicate, violet leaves and wonderful aromatic charisma, lavender is used in everything right from baked goods to frosting. Its high quality flower seeds are used to repel most insects you’d want to keep out of the garden, particularly fleas, moths and mosquitoes.natural-pest-control-plants
  3. Clover : This common soil cover grows as grass does, providing a thin, cohesive layer of green over the soil. Clover has been known to ward off pests completely when used as ground cover in garden beds. Stock it around cabbage worm and see the results. If clubbed together, these can provide an effective mechanism to stop these annoying pests.

In case you love gardening and wish to buy flowers online and have high quality flower seeds too delivered at your doorstep, please visit www.gardenesia.com.

Stay tuned to this space for more gardening insights. Start to buy flowers online and start the revolution.

Role of Indoor Plants in Our Lives

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No matter how well a house is built, a touch of nature is very crucial for making the house look beautiful. Indoor plants play a major role which change the entire look and feel of the house. Indoor plants can have a positive influence over how one feels about their environment as they provide various health benefits such as purifying the air and improving air quality. Many online garden shops have come up as the demand to buy winter bulbs, wall creepers, Indoor plants has gone up.


Indoor plants are being popularly sold on online garden shops as they are popularly being used in homes in interior designing which make homes look more attractive and provide stress free situations for the people living. They create a pleasant and quiet environment for the residents, a favorable environment can have a positive effect on the mood of people. A vast majority of people feel more good around a couple of green plants. Green plants speak to us with their freshness. For a considerable lot of us it is more fruitful to conquer upsetting life minutes when we are in a common habitat. The indoor plants likewise assume a vital part in the atmosphere in our home, they lessen the commotion in the rooms, it is calmer and more agreeable without having high tones and reverberate sounds. On account of the green room plan our positive feelings are fortified. It is said that individuals who live and work in regions with indoor plants are more successful, become ill once in a while and commit less errors in their work. The houseplants can likewise affect individuals with a specific illness.

Hence, indoor plants play a very important part in every household and it would be recommended to have as many indoor plants as possible.

Beautify Your Yard with the Summer Bulbs & Plants

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Beautiful, flamboyant, lively and durable…exotic summer bulbs are as beautiful to resist and which makes them popular among the amateur gardeners and green thumbs alike. When it comes to the summer bulbs, proper selection is the main concern and you can easily select bulbs according to your requirements. Once it is sown and grown properly, you will be rewarded by plethora of bright flowers through early fall. Before discussing about the summer bulbs, we should discuss about the bulbs.

What are bulbs?
Flower Bulbs
Before selection of bulbs it is necessary to have a thorough knowledge of bulbs. The term bulbs refer to a large group of plants that store nutrients and it is classified as corms, tubers and rhizomes.

Kind of soil needed


It is suggested to wait for the warm soil before expecting any kind of result. The most important rule to be remembered is that summer bulbs must be sown in the warm soil. In India it ranges from March till October and the planted spot should receive at least five hours of sunlight for a day. In addition, proper moisture and drainage should be maintained so that bulbs get enough of the growing space.

Pick the perfect flower

Summer bulbs Gardening

After getting a thorough knowledge about the sowing and cultivation part, the charm of selecting flowers begin. Although there are many varieties of summer bulbs and it is up to you what you want to choose. Summer bulbs are available on the various online Ecommerce website and apart from summer bulbs, if you are looking for fresh and cultivated plants you can buy plants online from the leading merchants who provide on door delivery.

How to Take Care of Your Plants in Summer

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Gardening Supplies Online

With the shift in season coming up, there certainly will be a need to upgrade or revamp your garden as well. And with the summer season setting in, the scorching heat of the sun might destroy your plants or hamper their healthy growth easily.

Plants Care

Here are some tips to keep in mind while growing plants in your garden this summer season.

The plants should be watered more than they normally are. The soil should remain moist at all times. Apart from this, the potted plants need special care since they cannot go deep into the soil for water. Therefore, they must be watered accordingly.

Since there is too much heat and water is bound to get evaporated quickly, you can use good potting soil, which is sold with the name of Magic soil . The main advantage of using this soil is that it has the ability to absorb excellent 20 times more water than the normal soil and release it as and when required by the plants. Therefore, the plants will always be well nourished helping them grow healthy and bloom on time.

Here are some other benefits

You Don’t need to water your plant every day even in summers.

Gardening Supplies Online

You can now shift you pots easily as it weighs 60% less than normal soil.

In the summer season, plants should be watered early in the morning or after sunset to ensure the water is not evaporated easily.

Seeds online

Removal of weeds is also extremely important to make sure that the water and nutrients are utilized by the plants only which help them grow and blossom on time.

Buy Seeds Online

Try and keep the plants in shade for the maximum time possible. Direct sunlight should be avoided especially during the peak season. It can get too harsh for the plants too handle eventually leading to their death. Therefore, shady areas must be preferred for them during the summer season.

Planting Tips for Begonia Tuberous Mix

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The Begonia Tuberous Mix Bulbs should be placed in small Planters, Pots, Tubs, Urns and Window boxes
Use a 6-inch (15.2 cm) pot for one or two small, 1 to 3-inch (2.5 to 7.6 cm) diameter bulbs or one larger bulb
Use a 10-inch (25.4 cm) pot or basket for three small bulbs.



Use a good potting soil mix that has excellent drainage
Moisten the mix adding water until it is damp, but not soggy.
Place the soil in the pot you’re using to start the begonias, stopping 1/2 inch from the rim of the pot.
Plant the begonia tubers hollow side-up, spaced three inches apart.
Cover them with 1/2 inch of the soil mixture.


Place the trays or pots in a sunny windowsill and wait for them to sprout.
The tubers need bright light, but it shouldn’t be direct light or they will get overheated.
Keep the soil moist, but not soggy for the next month or so.
The tubers should sprout in two to four weeks.
Keep the temperature in the room at 30 C or higher.
A lower temperature will inhibit the tubers from sprouting.


Dig holes about two inches deep, spaced eight inches apart.
Place the begonias into the holes and lightly pat soil around the tubers.
The tubers should be covered with no more than an inch of soil, whether you plant them in the ground or in pots.


The begonias should be watered whenever the soil feels dry.

Beginner Guide Tips To Plant Flower Seeds

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Gardening Tips

At Gardenesia, we have the complete solution for our customers who are seeking support regarding their plants and flowers. When customers have chosen the generous and environmental friendly habits, we are available round the clock to cater their all in one need. Here are some ways to plant flower seeds in pots in just 5 perfect steps:

Buy Perfectly Sown Seeds : A perfectly sown seed is becomes a perfect flower future on. It is highly recommended to buy from an authentic nursery where seeds are sown in a proper way. At Gardenesia, you can buy seeds online. Apart from seeds we have flower bulbs online by which you can choose from a wide variety and according to your need.

Gardenesia Flower Bulbs

Choose Appropriate Containers and Pots : Gardenesia believe in quality over quantity. We have introduced biodegradable containers which are perfect for newly sown seeds. You have to just germinate seeds inside our ceramic pots and results will be great after some time. Our pots are well ventilated according to plants. You will wonder that plants needs ventilation, but this is the fact, the holes below pot let the airflow pass through the soil which maintains the oxygen level inside soil which is important factor in growth.

Gardenesia Pots Online

Use Good Soil : The most important factor in germination of seeds is the use of proper soil; a good soil nurtures seeds and helps it to become a sapling after some time. You can say that a good soil provide comfort to seed which can later become a good flower. Our Magic Soil helps to germinate flower in a proper way and it provides all the essential nutrients to the seed which is helpful for future growth.

Gardenesia Magic Soil

Sow Carefully : Keep your pot in a well-ventilated area where there is no abundance of fresh oxygen and sunlight. During extreme temperature conditions like in summers it is recommended to water your seed properly and provide cover from scorching heat of sunlight. During winters we advise you to repeat same process and sometimes there is scarcity of sunlight in winter season, so whenever you get opportunity to show some sunlight to your pot just do it because sunlight is an essential factor for growth of winter flower bulbs.

Flower Bulbs

Use Proper Gardening Tools : At Gardenesia, we provide you the best tools for your seeds and soil. Soil needs periodical digging to remove fungus, so to make it easy we have best gardening tools. At some occasions when stems of flowers grow in an irregular way, proper cluttering is needed to make it uniform. From Gardenesia you can buy perfect cluttering tools.

Gardenesia Planters Online

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