Adenium is an amazing beautiful plant, which has big thick trunk, great root structure and produces color full flowers. The adenium can also be converted into great bonsai trees. One of the best adeniums are grown in the south east Asia eg. Thailand, Malasiya, China, India etc. Though the plant can grow any where around the globe provided right growing conditions. The plant is a very hardy plant can with stand any climatic conditions. Some times it happens that we buy adeniums in its flowering conditions but after a while plant stop producing flowers though it looks in good condition. Here are few things you can try when adenium not flowering to get amazing flowers from your adenium plants.


In its flowering stage the plant requires good amount of water and fertilizers at regular intervals. Provide plant with good NKP 20:20:20 and micronutrients like seaweed mixed in water. Incase the plant is still not flowering for quite some time, mix 1 table spoon of Mono potassium phosphate i.e. NKP 0:54:34 in 1ltr of water and spray over the plants and add rest to its roots. Follow the process once in a week until you see flower buds.


Pruning is very essential for Adenium. In case you want a very bushy and good flowering prune your plant once a year. By doing this you will stimulate the more branch growth and more flowering.