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How to Make Your Garden More Beautiful and Less Time Consuming in Maintenance

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Home Garden

Outdoor gardens are the best thing that can happen to your house. Whether it is house party, some small function or even family get together parties can take place in the outdoor gardens and yards. The yard and outdoor gardens emerged as the contemporary option available for the people who have low rise homes and they have some leftover space. There are some factors which makes outdoor gardens rising as the prime option for ground floor dwellers:

More entertainment

Home Garden
Some people in India has started creating stone patios with grilling area, dining table and a dedicated space for fire pit area in their home. These are ideal for weekend parties, get together parties or you can surprise your spouse with a romantic dinner date (which is quite economical). To maintain the pocket friendly budget, you just need a carpet grass which will create good grassy area which is ideal for morning breakfast session. You can buy plants online from the leading Ecommerce websites which provides onsite delivery of their products

Pick the perfect stone

Natural Stone Garden

Though it is little bit pricey option but bluestone is the best option for outdoor flooring because it has dense composition which makes it surprisingly durable. Despite of its name, Bluestone, it comes in variety of colours such as orange, brown and blue. As bluestone is the natural stone it doesn’t need any kind of special attention and it is easy to clean and furnish. Online garden stores provide all garden accessories to their buyers and the quality of their products are very high.

Strong foundation is the secret

Outdoor Garden Store
The secret behind any outdoor garden or a patio is the strong foundation. If you are installing stone then it is better to establish a strong base for stone and patio base to avoid later fix ups. If you are planning a stone patio then six to eight inch of layer is necessary in compacted pea stones which will restrict weed growth and it will help you to maintain your patio level.

Add mulches in garden

Mulches in Garden

Mulches are the important part of the garden or backyard. Mulches break down and it works as the fertilizer and it prevents weed growth. It is low maintenance because you need not to worry about the finishing and watering it on regular intervals.

Plant Lavender


Lavenders are refreshing and it doesn’t need any strict maintenance. Lavender needs to be watered for a day or two in a week and once their season is gone, they grow in the next season. The best thing about lavender is that it is low maintenance and their smell is bug repellent.

Adopt Xeriscaping in your garden

You can easily use crushed stone beds on the pavement which is a good option for xeriscaping in your garden and once it is done, you don’t have to maintain it.

Beautify Your Yard with the Summer Bulbs & Plants

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Beautiful, flamboyant, lively and durable…exotic summer bulbs are as beautiful to resist and which makes them popular among the amateur gardeners and green thumbs alike. When it comes to the summer bulbs, proper selection is the main concern and you can easily select bulbs according to your requirements. Once it is sown and grown properly, you will be rewarded by plethora of bright flowers through early fall. Before discussing about the summer bulbs, we should discuss about the bulbs.

What are bulbs?
Flower Bulbs
Before selection of bulbs it is necessary to have a thorough knowledge of bulbs. The term bulbs refer to a large group of plants that store nutrients and it is classified as corms, tubers and rhizomes.

Kind of soil needed


It is suggested to wait for the warm soil before expecting any kind of result. The most important rule to be remembered is that summer bulbs must be sown in the warm soil. In India it ranges from March till October and the planted spot should receive at least five hours of sunlight for a day. In addition, proper moisture and drainage should be maintained so that bulbs get enough of the growing space.

Pick the perfect flower

Summer bulbs Gardening

After getting a thorough knowledge about the sowing and cultivation part, the charm of selecting flowers begin. Although there are many varieties of summer bulbs and it is up to you what you want to choose. Summer bulbs are available on the various online Ecommerce website and apart from summer bulbs, if you are looking for fresh and cultivated plants you can buy plants online from the leading merchants who provide on door delivery.

How to Take Care of Your Plants in Summer

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Gardening Supplies Online

With the shift in season coming up, there certainly will be a need to upgrade or revamp your garden as well. And with the summer season setting in, the scorching heat of the sun might destroy your plants or hamper their healthy growth easily.

Plants Care

Here are some tips to keep in mind while growing plants in your garden this summer season.

The plants should be watered more than they normally are. The soil should remain moist at all times. Apart from this, the potted plants need special care since they cannot go deep into the soil for water. Therefore, they must be watered accordingly.

Since there is too much heat and water is bound to get evaporated quickly, you can use good potting soil, which is sold with the name of Magic soil . The main advantage of using this soil is that it has the ability to absorb excellent 20 times more water than the normal soil and release it as and when required by the plants. Therefore, the plants will always be well nourished helping them grow healthy and bloom on time.

Here are some other benefits

You Don’t need to water your plant every day even in summers.

Gardening Supplies Online

You can now shift you pots easily as it weighs 60% less than normal soil.

In the summer season, plants should be watered early in the morning or after sunset to ensure the water is not evaporated easily.

Seeds online

Removal of weeds is also extremely important to make sure that the water and nutrients are utilized by the plants only which help them grow and blossom on time.

Buy Seeds Online

Try and keep the plants in shade for the maximum time possible. Direct sunlight should be avoided especially during the peak season. It can get too harsh for the plants too handle eventually leading to their death. Therefore, shady areas must be preferred for them during the summer season.

The Ultimate Guide from Sowing to Growing Seeds

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Indian summers or hard core winters, the right strategy to sow and grow seeds will help you develop your garden with the best flowers, vegetables, herbs and much more.

Enlisted below are a few pointers that will guide you right from the first step.

Buy Seeds Online

1. The first step involves assimilating the best seeds and all other planting material at one place. Planting materials would include planters, potting soil, tools.

2. Make sure that you use the right quality of seeds to make sure they germinate. While potting, use Magic Soil. It is an amazing mix, especially for the summers. It has 20 times more water holding capacity than normal soil which makes it a perfect replacement for the summers. So, you do not need to water them very often since it releases water for the plant as and when required.

3. Once you have collected all the material, you are ready to sow your seeds. Use planters with small holes at the bottom to ensure proper drainage. Place the soil inside it filling it 3/4th.

4. The next step is sowing the seeds. Distribute the seeds inside on the soil, making small holes in it and placing them inside it. Make sure you do not over crowd the seeds so that there is enough light and air circulation.

5. Next is the critical seedling stage. At this stage, the seeds have germinated and there are small underdeveloped root systems. At this stage, make sure the soil is moist and not soggy as it might prevent oxygen from reaching the roots.


6. A small tip at this stage would be that you should never handle the seedlings with the stem but by the leaves.

7. The seedling now has to grow into a full fledged plant and blossom. For this proper maintenance needs should be there. Make sure the seedlings are not kept in direct sunlight.

Try and keep them in shade However, they should receive certain amount of sunlight as well. So do not keep them in complete dark as well.

For more tips and tricks, you can always visit our Gardenesia blog section.

Happy Gardening! 🙂

5 Indoor Plants You Can Add To Your Office Desk to Make It Look More Promising

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Office Desk Plants

Your office is a place where you spend almost 70% of your time. As plants are said to be the most effective stress buster, adding these to your workstation can do wonders. Add 5 low maintenance indoor plants to make your office desk look beautiful and give you the touch of “Green therapy”.

Peace lily: Like the name, peace lily has beautiful blend of White and Green petals signifying peace. Peace lilies do not belong to the family of lilies but are known for their easy care. This is a perfect indoor plant and loves shade, and is also good at its air purifying capabilities. Water this indoor plant once a week and you are sorted. The white petals will add the beauty of your office desk.

Peace Lily

Syngonium: Commonly used as houseplant, these dwarf and leafy plants look like a fantastic accessory on your office desk. The simple looking Syngonium are easy to take care, needs less watering and pruning to maintain them. The arrow leaf adds to the beauty of this plant. Syngonium do not need direct sunlight but a little light can help them flourish well. Syngoniums are easy to buy online and are also very cheap when it comes to money.

Syngonium Plant

Cactus: Well, one can actually not imagine a Cactus as a beautiful addition to the indoor plants. But the dwarf miniature cactus plants are cute looking. Their different variety of colours and shapes add to the huge range. Cactus though defines dry and heat characteristics but can be easily grown indoors. As these do not have leaves you will find your office desk to be always clutter free, hence no pruning required. Arrange the small cacti in dwarf pots as one family and place it on one side of your workstation to make them look fancier.

Cactus Plants

Bonsai: If you wish to turn the heads around at your desk, add the luxury of exotic bonsai on your Office desk. This Japanese beauty is now easily available online and can be a little expensive accessory but worth it. You will fall in love with Bonsai even more, when you start taking care of it. Buy some bonsai tools online, and prune the plant every now and then to keep it miniaturized. Needs watering once a day and can be easily grown indoors with little light.

Bonsai Plant

Alocasia Amazonica : Alocasia Amazonica is an unusual Houseplant, and belongs to African species. The dark green precise arrow shaped leaves are beauty to the sight. The soil needs to be humid and warmed throughout the year. The plant needs bright light no direct sunlight and thus is easy to maintain.

Alocasia Amazonica

Now simply make your workstation a place you would wish to spend more quality time every day. Adding this simple and easy to care indoor plants surely will give your workstation a natural therapy. These plants are easily available online, you can simply write into us, and we will deliver it to you.

Planting Tips for Calla Lily

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Calla Lilies

Start Calla Lilies in Pots

  • Plant your calla lilies from tubers.
  • Plant the tubers in 6 to 8-inch (15 to 20 cm) pots.
  • In warm climate areas you can plant the tubers directly.
  • Bury the tubers 3 to 4 inches (7.5 to 10 cm) below the surface of the soil.
  • Place the pots so that they get enough sunlight.
  • Keep the soil moist until the plants begin growing.

Plant Calla Lilies in Outdoor Beds

  • Plant in a section that receives ample daylight and has enough moisture
  • Before planting, enrich the soil with organic mulch to assist it retain moisture. This should be done if you’ve got rocky or sandy soil.Calla Lilies
  • Place the plants a minimum of twelve inches (30 cm) apart.
  • Water the plants well and keep the soil damp throughout the season.
  • Fertilize the flowers frequently employing by using a plant fertilizer.
  • Stop watering and feeding the plants at the top of the season. This enables the soil to dry out and therefore the plants to die out.
  • Dig the calla lilies out of the bottom simply before the winter season arrives.
  • Grab the plant near ground and rock it back and forth till the soil round the base loosens, then rigorously pull the tuber from the bottom.
  • Sift through the soil along with your hands or flip it rigorously with a hand tool to search out any little tubers that fashioned underground however did not have time to grow a plant.
  • Cut all remaining stuff from the tubers, then lay them within the sun to dry for a couple of days.
  • Store the tubers in dry moss within a poke. Keep them at ten to fifteen degree Celsius.
  • Break clusters apart into single tubers before planting them within the spring.

Light as a Prime Factor Affecting the Growth of Plant

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Plants in Home

Light is the key factor affecting the growth of each and everything on the planet Earth. But the key fact to wonder is that plants need differentiated lights which are important in the growth process of plants. However, most of the time, people questions the growth of plants through adequate amount of light and we have proper answer to their questions.

How light affects the growth of a plant in season

Sunlight is the key factor through which plants grow and flourish. The sunlight is converted into the energy factor and this process is known as photosynthesis. Without this, plants are not able to grow properly or at the meantime they can die easily. Winter bulbs need the proper sunlight in the winter season which is a challenge during the season. For this, you can place them on the higher level so that they can absorb sunlight whenever it is available.

Kind of light plants need

While plants need light to grow and not all the plants need same amount of light to grow. The light spectrum is referred when someone asks “What kind of light do plants need”. Plants are majorly affected by the blue spectrum of the light scale. Referring to the daylight, fluorescent light is needed for plants and it must have “blue” tones in them. Incandescent and halogen lights are generally red and they are not needed for plant growth. To take the best out of your plants you need gardening tools to clutter the unwanted dead leaves from plants.

Problem with low light Factor

•    Legged and stretched out part of stem
•    Yellow leaves
•    Small and unattractive leaves
•    Spindly leaves and stem
•    Drying up of lower leaves
•    Brown edges on the corner of leaves

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