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If you want to order some different product or cancel your current order in such cases, you can contact the Customer Support team and they will help you in modifying your order. However, please note that order modification is only possible if,

1. You received an order that is missing an item or parts, broken, soiled then you can initiate a refund or replacement from, depending on how the item was sold or fulfilled

2. Products are refundable if buyer is not interested anymore, only if the product is not used.

3. If you have cancelled your entire order or a part of it, the amount that you paid to us for that cancelled full/part order will be refunded to your bank account and will reflect in 7 Working days.

You can also choose to order the same amount product or if the new order amount is higher than the earlier order amount, you can pay the difference amount further.

For cancelled prepaid orders which had been shipped, the amount will be refunded once we get back the product at our warehousing location.

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