Bonsai Soil

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Bonsai Soil

Rs. 650.00

Imported Bonsai soil from China and Japan  for your bonsai plants. Basics of Bonsai starts from the soil it self. Choose the best Bonsai soil for your plants.

– Peat moss

– Water holding material

– Nutrients

– High Drainage

Pack of 1 Kg

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The Bonsai Soil from Gardenesia will give your plants that special boost.

  • Specially formulated as a soil specifically for Tropical Bonsai Tree
  • Don’t make the classic mistake of using regular potting soil for your bonsai
  • Will keep your bonsai trees happy healthy and thriving for years to come
  • Widely use by bonsai gardeners everywhere
  • Fast draining Prevents root rot, Prevents over watering
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