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Spray Magic

Rs. 999.00

50% to 70 % of spray solution do not reaches to the site of action and spreads in environment. With 1 drop in 1 ltr water helps the spray solution reach every inch of the plant helps is providing shinning effect on the leaves helps in  UV protection a must for every Garden where you want to use minimum amount of fertilizers and other chemicals. Its a patented 100% certified organic product. Helps maintain your garden and plants in the most beautiful way.

  • Magic Spray is a Non-ionic wetter, super spreader, penetrant & surfactant
  • It Produces rain fastness more quickly than typical surfactants
  • It has Superior leaf wetting, spreading & penetration and also Increase effectiveness of Agro inputs
  • It increases soil wetting and maximizes effectiveness of soil fertilizers

Perfect for : Organic Farming, in-organic farming, Water absorbent, UV Protection etc.

Package size : 100 ml each

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How to use the the Spray Magic

Add 1 ml of drop in 1lt water and you can mix other gardening water soluble supplement or organic supplements but now reduce the quantity what you use to add.

Spray like normal with any hand held sprayer or electric sprayers.

1 bottle sufficient for 1 acre of land.

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