Allamanda Cathartica

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Allamanda Cathartica

Rs. 425.00

Plant Size: 1 Ft – 1.5 Ft

Pot Size: Height 4.5 inches – Width 5.5 inches

Pot Type: Imported Plastic pot

This plant is suitable for growing Semi shade / outdoors

Golden trumpet boasts big, trumpet-shaped yellow flowers all summer and throughout fall.

This Brazilian native needs warmth, humidity and plenty of light to thrive. A sunny window, greenhouse or sunroom is ideal. You can scoot your container to your sunlit porch or patio for the summer, if you want.

This tropical evergreen has vining stems densely covered with glossy, dark-green oval leaves. Scrolled flower buds emerge in summer at the tips of stems and open up to yellow trumpet flowers that can grow to 4 in (10 cm) wide.

*The images are for reference the actual product may be different than shown

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