Calla lily

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Calla lily

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Zantedeschia fall into two main types: hardier outdoor forms, often called arum lilies, with striking white flowers; and the more tender forms, typically with white-spotted leaves and pretty flowers in yellow, orange, pink or dark purple. These are often called calla lilies.

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Calla Lily Care

Find the right location.Calla Lilies should be planted in a location that gets full sun for most of the day, but some late afternoon shade, particularly in hot summer regions.

Planting bulbs instruction. Calla Lily bulbs come ready to plant,

Bulbs Prefer to Stay Cool. Lilies like the sun, but their bulbs prefer to stay cool during the summer. Digging a hole about 4 to 6 inches (10 to 15cm) deep, and keep in mind that deeper is better.

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