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Gloriosa / Flame Lily

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Flame Lily

The Glory Lily – otherwise known as the Gloriosa Lily or Gloriosa rothschildiana – is perhaps one the most delicate and beautifully flowering climbing plants you will ever come across. A native of North Africa, the large, claw like flowers open yellow and red and then change to a rich claret edged with gold.

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Planting Instructions

– Plant the bulbs 3-4″ deep, in larger pots you can plant several specimens so long as they are about 6″ apart. Just lay them on their sides and cover them up – they will know which way is up.

– Water well, thoroughly soaking the compost and then allow any residue to drain away. If kept in a warm room you can expect to see new shoots in two to three weeks.

– During the growing season the Glory lily should be watered thoroughly, but again, they will need to be allowed to dry out almost completely before re-watering – never leave them waterlogged or standing in water as this can encourage rots.

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