Hyacinth-Scarlet Pearl

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Hyacinth-Scarlet Pearl

Rs. 130.00

Colour Pink

Hyacinth has the most amazing incredible fragrance in the world they are also use to create perfumes in France and other parts of the world.

They are also very easy to grow in pot and can be forced directly on pebbles or water filled jars.

Price mentioned above is for one bulb.

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Tips for growing Hyacinth :

Hyacinth are very easy to grow in grounds, pots and can be forced on pebbles top of jars filled with water. Again thumb rule for growing Hyacinth is keep the pointed tip up the root side down. Plant them at-least 3 inches deep.

The bulbs exactly looks like an onion.

To Force start on top of water filled jar or pebbles:

Place the root side touching the water surface and let the bulb be placed firmly. Do not submerge the complete bulb in water or it will rot. The bulb will only flower for once and will not flower again if forced by it self. Also the flower produced is smaller compared to once planted in pots or ground.

Keep them in sunny or semi shaded areas.

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