Tulip – Purple Lady

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Tulip – Purple Lady

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Variety : Tulip Purple Lady

Tulip bulb needs an ideal time of at least 12 weeks of “cold weather” to grow a beautiful flower.

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Tulip Growing Tips

For growing a Tulip flower bulb, it should be planted in the coolest time of the year.
Tulip bulb needs an ideal time of atleat 12 weeks to “cold weather” to grow a beautiful flower. Although it is difficult to grow Tulips in warm or tropical climate, but still with extreme care one can still grow Tulip.
Before planting a Tulip flower bulb, make sure you keep the bulb in the freezer to cool it for atleast 2-3 weeks. Once the bulb is cooled, without any exposure to sunlight or making the bulb warm, plant the bulb directly. Store the bulb in an airtight pack. Do not keep it near fruits or vegetable as it might spoil the flower of the bulb.
Tulips should not be ideally planted after 2nd week of December. Cold climatic conditions are perfect for Tulip flower bulbs to have deep and healthy roots.
Below are some key points
1) Coolest time of the winter is the best time to plant Tulips.
2) Tulips should always be planted either in a part shade or full shade.
3) Regular watering helps keep the soil temperature cool

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