Bonsai Pots – Square Tray

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Bonsai Pots – Square Tray

Rs. 3,500.00

Dimensions(cm) L-38.5, B-24, H-4.5

Bonsai Pots – Square Tray :Made from original purple clay of China by professional bonsai pots makers. Gardenesia is the 1st and only website to offer original bonsai pots in India. Bonsai growers have no other option to choose from clay, cement, terracota or ceramic pots.

Give your bonsai the best.

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Bonsai is actually two words, “Bon”, and “Sai”. The word “Bon” means “tray” and “Sai”, “growing” or “planting”.  The two words put together give you the translation of “tray growing” or “tray planting”. Bonsai does not mean an old plant in a pot.

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